Call for Papers: “London and the Americas, 1492-1812” (Londen, 17-19 juli 2014)

Van onze collega’s van de Early Caribbean Society (ECS) ontvingen we onderstaande Call for Papers. De deadline voor een voorstel is 18 oktober 2013.

Following on the successful symposiums of the Early Caribbean Society (ECS) held in Barbados in 2011 and Puerto Rico in 2012, the ECS will host its third symposium in London, England to promote the study of early Caribbean literary history. The symposium will take place immediately following the Society of Early Americanists conference on “London and the Americas, 1492-1812,” which will be held in London on July 17-19, 2014. Attendees can sign up for the SEA conference, the ECS symposium, or both events through one registration process.

The SEA conference and the ECS symposium will take place on Kingston University’s campus in South West London, a 25-minute train ride from central London and a short bus ride from Heathrow Airport. Housing options will include university dormitories as well as a diverse array of local hotels. Plans for outings are in the works.

Proposals are invited for 20 minute papers that address any aspect of early Caribbean literature, culture, or literary history. Given the location of the third symposium, we particularly seek papers that consider Atlantic networks, currents, and influences. Papers might address the movement of people, ideas, and commodities around the Atlantic and the Caribbean, the material and ideological impacts of European colonization in the Caribbean, and/or the literary construction of the West Indies. Papers might also consider how actual and imagined experiences in the West Indies transformed cultural practices, habits of consumption, and scientific, religious, and/or philosophical discourses in Europe.

Please submit proposals for 20-minute papers. Proposals should include your name, your academic affiliation, the title of your proposed paper, and an abstract of no more than 250 words. All proposals must be received by the revised deadline of October 18, 2013. Please send proposals to:

Tom Krise
Pacific Lutheran University
President’s Office
12180 Park Ave South
Tacoma, WA 98447 USA

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