Congres: “The long Quarrel: Ancients and Moderns in the Eighteenth Century” (Amsterdam, 16-17 juni 2016)

AfbeeldingCfPAncientsModerns2016_GalleryViewsofAncientRome--1758Op 16 en 17 juni 2017 vindt aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam het internationale congres The long Quarrel: Ancients and Moderns in the Eighteenth Century plaats. Het programma vindt u hier.

That eighteenth-century thought was strongly oriented towards the ancient world is beyond dispute. Classical models played a central role in art and literature, in political thought, and in many other fields. What is less clear, however, is how eighteenth-century authors exactly perceived the relation between the ancient world and the present. The Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns was the start of a debate on the nature of this relation that continued throughout the eighteenth century. This debate was not merely academic: it was of crucial importance for the way eighteenth-century Europeans defined their cultural identity.

This conference explores the debate about the relation between ancients and moderns in the long eighteenth century in two keynote lectures and five panel sessions. Eighteenth-century authors’ definitions of modernity usually involved explicit social contrasts with the ancient world. How did the significant cultural differences that contemporaries perceived between the ancient and the modern world affect their use of classical models and parallels? And how did historical comparisons between the ancient and the modern world facilitate the rise of new perspectives on history and society in the eighteenth century?

Het congres is een organisatie van de onderzoeksgroep Early Modern Intellectual History. Het congres vindt plaats in de VOC-zaal van het Bushuis/Oost-Indisch Huis, Kloveniersburgwal 48. Registratie is niet nodig, de toegang is vrij.




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