Call for Submissions: Francis-Stephen-Award 2017

Het Österreichische Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts heeft een oproep gelanceerd voor twee academische prijzen:

The Austrian Society for Eighteenth-century Studies calls for submissions for the Francis-Stephen-Award 2017 for History and Culture of the Habsburg Monarchy in the Eighteenth Century on excellent scholars of the arts and humanities.

Eligible submissions are dissertations (post-graduate theses) or papers of equivalent significance about the Habsburg monarchy during the eighteenth century. Submissions may be written in German, French or English.

Furthermore, at the master’s degree level, the Society calls for submissions for the Francis-Stephen-Promotion Award 2017.

Submissions must deal with a topic from the field of eighteenth-century studies and have been presented at an Austrian university.

With these awards, the society aims to promote lasting interest in eighteenth-century studies.

The winners will

  • be invited to present their work at the award ceremony during the winter term 2017/2018;
  • be honored with a cash prize;
  • be invited to publish summaries of their research papers in the OGE 18 yearbook.



Submissions must be appraised between May 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2017. Every applicant must submit

  • a hardback copy of his/her work (will be returned)
  • his/her work as an MS Word or PDF file
  • a CV

Official reviews of the work from the graduation process can be added if desired.

The managing board of the society will decide on the awardees in consultation with international experts on the respective subjects of the submissions. The awardees will be notified by mail.

There is no legal entitlement to the awards. Submissions must be sent no later than March 31st, 2017 (date of postmark) and be addressed to:

Österreichische Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts
p.A. ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Eybl
Institut für Germanistik der Universität Wien, Universitätsring 1, A-1010 Wien.