Congres ‘Counter-Revolution and the Making of Conservatism(s)’ 14-15 juni a.s.

Op 14 en 15 juni a.s. vindt het congres ‘Counter-Revolution and the Making of Conservatism(s). Transnationalism and the circulation of conservative ideas from the mid-seventeenth century until the First World War’ plaats in Ravenstein, nabij Nijmegen. De volgende aankondiging bereikte ons:

With the rise to prominence of conservative ideologies across the Western World, studying the genesis of ‘anti-modern’ European traditions has gained new urgency. The conference aims to sketch a typology of modern conservative thinking based on the notions of dialogue and circulation between European intellectual centres and their peripheries, Enlightenment philosophy and conservative thinkers, and various other actors involved in the process. It will further discuss the long-term transformation of conservative ideas and rhetoric through the lense of transnational connections, against nation-centric studies of Conservatism in which supra-national exchanges are often hidden by structural discourses.

The programme you find here. If you wish to attend this conference, please email before Monday 11 June with the details
of your presence.