Call for Papers: ‘Participation, Collaboration, Association’ (ISECS Early Career Scholars)

ISECS (International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) nodigt jonge wetenschappers uit om deel te nemen aan hun Seminar for Early Career Eighteenth-Century Scholars dat gehouden zal worden voorafgaand aan het ISECS congres 2019 te Edinburgh. Het seminar, dat zal plaatsvinden op 9-12 juli 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne, staat in het teken van ‘Participation, Collaboration, Association’.

Uit de Call for Papers: “While the eighteenth century is sometimes associated with the rise of the individual, whether as economic unit or creative genius, it was in reality a period of immense collaboration and association—both willing and unwilling. People have always worked together, as David Hume suggests, to bring in harvests, maintain community buildings, and care for the young, the old, and the ill. From ancient times onwards, polities were formed, armies raised, and slaves coerced. The eighteenth century, however, saw a rapid and dramatic transformation in the ways people lived and
worked together, on social, political, economic, cultural, and ideological levels, and an equally dramatic shift in the political and philosophical understanding of cooperation and mutuality. The rise of nation states and colonial empires necessitated national and global collaboration, underpinned by complex armies and navies; new technologies in agriculture and industry fundamentally changed the way labour was organised; while the increasing ease and affordability of travel, postage, and printing facilitated participation in cultural and intellectual exchange. From the Royal Society to the Corresponding Societies, from the Encyclopédie to the Club des Jacobins, association drove transformation. In our own time, researchers, curators, governments, and industry are collaborating in increasingly sophisticated and complex ways to understand the eighteenth century and to preserve its records and artefacts, whether by co-authoring articles and books, digitising texts, producing websites, TV shows, and other media, or by restoring historic buildings.”

Deadline: 31 januari 2019. Voor meer informatie zie hier.