Call for participation: Workshop Deep History in the Long Eighteenth Century

Op 9 mei organiseert de Amsterdam School for Historical Studies (UvA) een workshop over ‘deep history in the long eighteenth century’ met historicus Martin Rudwick (University of Cambridge). Onderzoekers van verschillende disciplines zijn welkom om deel te nemen aan deze workshop.

Uit de Call for Participation:

Over the course of the eighteenth century, natural history became the history of nature. European naturalists, historians, biblical scholars, antiquaries, and various other savants sought to reconstruct the deep history of their world on ever-larger timelines and a planetary scale. This reconstruction involved a wide variety of knowledge disciplines, new ways of seeing, and new ideas about the origins of both nature and culture.

The interdisciplinary character of questions about deep history in the eighteenth-century demands an interdisciplinary approach from today’s historians. Thus the workshop aims to bring together specialists from a variety of fields.

Participants are asked to write a short (1000-1500 word) introduction to aspects of their research related to the workshop and give a short presentation (10 minutes).

If you would like to participate, please send a short abstract (100-200 words) to Mathijs Boom, before March 20th.

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